Brighter Futures Scholarship Donors

The Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges’ Brighter Futures Scholarship Program allows a corporation, foundation or individual to have one or more students at the VFIC’s 15 member institutions selected as recipients of their scholarship. To establish a new named scholarship or to ask a question about current scholarships, you may contact the VFIC through our Contact page. In FY19, the VFIC awarded 552 scholarships. These scholarships are providing students with opportunities to further their education at our member colleges and universities. Our hope is that, in the future, even greater numbers of students will benefit through partnerships with these and other supporters of Virginia’s independent higher education.


Brighter Futures Scholarships


Signature Scholarship Donors

(Named Scholarships of $15,000 or more)




Affiliate Scholarship Donors

(Named Scholarships of $5,000 or more)

Camp Foundation
Atlantic Union Bank
Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation
CIC/SAGE Scholars
Anne & Till Hazel
New River Electrical
Anne Carter & W.R. Robins, Jr. Foundation
Newton B. Shingleton Foundation
Williams Mullen

Endowed Scholarships

A. Lea Booth
Walter and Beese Craigie
Bob and Charlotte Gammon
HRH Endowed Scholarship Fund
Thomas J. Lennon
T. Justin Moore
John D. Munford
The Moses D. Nunnally Family
Donald G. and Barbara B. Smith
VFIC 50th Anniversary




L. Hopson
University of Richmond Graduate

“Without you believing that I could achieve my goal and supporting me all 4-years at this institution, I would not be where I am today. No amount of words can express my gratitude. Thank you again for this life changing opportunity.”

R. Alexander
Washington and Lee University Graduate

“Thanks in part to the UPS scholarship I received through the VFIC, I was able to attend and graduate from my dream school. My four years there helped me discover my love for the study of political philosophy and led me to pursue my Ph.D. in political science. I am now starting my fourth year in the program, teaching my own class of undergraduates and hopefully passing down the gift of a liberal arts education.”