VFIC Scholarships

Since 1952, the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges (VFIC) has been raising money to strengthen the 16 leading independent colleges in the Commonwealth and to ensure that access to independent higher education in Virginia is an affordable option for students from all backgrounds and levels of financial need.

One of the VFIC Member Institutions highest priority objectives is securing scholarships for deserving students.

Brighter Futures Scholarships

  • Signature Scholarship Program (Named Scholarships of $16,000 or more)
    Allows partners who contribute $16,000 or more to give a named scholarship to a deserving student on each of the 16 VFIC member campuses.

  • Affiliate Scholarship Program (Named Scholarships of $5,000 or more)
    Affiliate scholarships begin at the $5,000 level and allow partners to direct their financial aid to deserving students at specific VFIC member campuses selected by the donor.

  • Regional Scholarship Program
    Scholarships designated for students from the following regions:

    • Greater Lynchburg
    • Greater Richmond
    • 757/Hampton Roads
    • Greater Washington
    • Roanoke/Southwest Virginia
  • Virginia Scholars Fund
    Provides scholarships to students from all regions of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Endowed Scholarship Program
    For information on how to create an endowed scholarship and provide scholarship support to VFIC students in perpetuity, please contact Matt Shank.