Grace Davis

Hollins University, Class of 2021



Student Highlight

“My internship in New York City gave me the opportunity to engage in meaningful work for real time companies, and the feedback and mentoring during this internship provided me with much-needed direction for my future job prospects. During my study abroad experience in Paris, I gained a greater appreciation for the cultures and peoples so different from my own and a desire to further explore the world. Through my experience as president of the Entrepreneurship Club and as a trip leader for the Hollins Outdoor Program, I have developed the ability to facilitate collective goals, combine the skills of all my fellow peers, and organize events that benefit my community. I also serve as a Student Success Leader, in which I mentor first-year students, in and out of academics, to aid in their transition from high school to college. This leadership position taught me greater compassion and empathy for those going through difficult periods of life. The combination of these leadership opportunities and life-enriching experiences has helped to create the person I am today, and I could not be more grateful.”