The VFIC provides unique initiatives and programming related to career readiness for students at VFIC schools. Through these initiatives and programs the VFIC helps to expand the career opportunities of students from each of our 16 member schools and to serve the workforce needs of our corporate partners.


Enhancing Career Preparation for Underrepresented Students

One of the challenges many career development officers face when it comes to helping graduates transition out of school is making sure all students, even those from underrepresented populations, have the training, resources, and opportunities they need to secure a job. Graduates who are first-generation, minority, low-income, new American, and Hispanic each have their own obstacles to overcome when trying to launch their careers, and it is incumbent upon our schools to prepare them for success.

The Enhancing Career Preparation for Underrepresented Students Program helps the VFIC address the challenges segments of our students face when it comes to career readiness, job opportunity, and wage equity. This program is designed to complement the work of career development officers at VFIC schools by providing them with the special resources they need to help underrepresented students secure a fulfilling, lucrative job upon graduation.

Over the course of two semesters, VFIC students enrolled in this program will engage in seminars that will enhance their career prospects upon graduation. Each virtual seminar will focus on a different topic related on the career journey.

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