New Horizons Program

The VFIC’s New Horizons program is a strategic initiative with two objectives:

  • to help the 15 Member Colleges to further diversify their student bodies
  • to expand college access and opportunity for students from lower-income, rural or minority families, or for students who would be the first in their family to attend college

One of the core programs in the New Horizons initiative is a multi-year collaboration with Partnership for the Future (PFF), a remarkable college readiness program focused on helping inner city Richmond minority students prepare for and get into college. Surveys at the beginning of the collaboration showed that few PFF students were aware of Virginia’s independent colleges, and those who knew of them thought that these institutions were outside their range of college options. The objective of the New Horizons program is to make the PFF students aware of the VFIC colleges and to make the admissions staff of the colleges aware of the talent pool represented by PFF, thereby helping to open the doors of these colleges for these students.